Eyes On Me

  • Interviewer: Why did you decide to put a vocal song?
  • Nobuo Uematsu: Actaully, some of us came up with a plan to use a famous vocalist in the ending oF FF7. It didn't go through because the plan was too abrupt, and there was no themes or reason in the story for a vocal song to suddenly come up in the ending. On the other hand, the "song" has a meaning in the FF8 plot, and it closely relates to it main characters. That's why I wrote a ballad that I thought would suit the theme. Then, I asked everyone to bring in CDs with vocalists who would match it. We listened to countless CDs in our staff meetings, but none of them didn't seem to match our expectations... until one CD was played. Everyone looked around and asked "Who is this...!?", even though it was the first track in the CD. We didn't have second thoughts. Some of you may ask why I chose Faye Wong, but I can't just say that it was my instinct. I didn't even know her when I listened to her CD, but her voice and mood seem to match my image of the song exactly. The fact that she was Chinese fits the international image of Final Fantasy, too.
  • Interviewer: What kind of a person was Faye Wong?
  • Nobuo Uematsu: I wasn't the one who participated in the negotiation, so I couldn't get to know her at first. Still, I found out that she was extraordinary as I gathered her information. She accepted our offer, but the recording had to take place in Hong Kong due to her schedule. Thus, I organized an orchestra and gave her a copy of the tape before everything. Her style was to concentrate alone for a while before recording, and sing in a one-shot deal. She also liked to sing in a complete darkness. I have to say she had mystic qualities.
  • Interviewer: Her mysteriousness is one of her traits.
  • Nobuo Uematsu: I think we each received different impressions of her. Still, her skill as a singer is superior. Her voice is truly heavenly.
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