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[Link] The greatest Cantopop songs of all time ›


Don’t know why she would randomly bring a butter knife with her but I love this.

Nuyou Singapore, August 2014

Title: Ending Theme Artist: Nobuo Uematsu 174 plays

Nobuo Uematsu | Eyes On Me/Ending Theme
feat. Faye Wong

[Weibo] Faye Wong Shares Photo with Fans on Her Birthday


Legendary Chinese singer Faye Wong posted a personal photo on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, at 0:11am on August 8 to mark her birthday. 

After Faye Wong posted her message, many netizens wished her a happy birthday, and some fans joked that this picture of Faye looks like a female version of actor Ray Ma (Ma Tianyu), who became famous for his role in the TV drama Baby Mom and Baby Girl in 2012.


The '90s: When Cantopop ruled ›

Faye is briefly mentioned:

Cantopop Divas

Born in Beijing in the midst of China’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese pop diva Faye Wong dominated the 1990s Cantopop and Mandopop scene and beyond with her alternative style of music. Other hugely popular Hong Kong pop divas who emerged in the 90s include Sammi Cheng and Kelly Chen.

Title: 天空 (Unplugged) Artist: 王菲 318 plays


王菲—天空 (Unplugged, 天空, 1994)

AUGUST 08, 2014:  Happy 45th Birthday to Faye Wong


from the album ‘100000 WHYS’ by Hong Kong artist FAYE WONG 王菲 in fall 1993


from the album ‘100000 WHYS’ by Hong Kong artist FAYE WONG 王菲 in fall 1993

Faye Wong, 1990s

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3 things Faye Wong wants to do in the future

Open a vegetarian restaurant, learn belly dancequit shopping (habits), but I believe it is difficult to implement ha ha,” she said with a smile.  

- Harper’s Bazaar HK, August 2014

Faye Wong: I AM WHAT I AM (Harper’s Bazaar cover story)

Photographs by Andrea Spotorno    
Styling by Titi Kwan
Makeup: Zing Hair: Vic Kwan at ii Hair & Nail
Guest Model: Faye Wong
Production: Bird Production
Wardrobe: Céline Fall 14 collection


Chungking Express (1994) dir. Wong Kar Wai

August Covers

Nuyou Malaysia | Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong